"I have loved working with Evolve. My previous experience with recruiters has left me feeling like I’m working to get them networks, not that they’re working for me to get a job. Evolve is the complete opposite.", Not-for-profit Organization , Financial Analyst

"...Kate always had my best interests in mind and I could trust her to represent me in an ethical manner. Kate became a trusted professional advisor and checked in with me....", Riveron Consulting , Robert Wood

"I have worked with Marcy and Kate over the past couple of years. I find them to be very well connected, extremely professional and not your typical head-hunters.", Primatics Financial , Soheil Saeed, HR Business Partner

"I have worked with Kate in the past on a number of occasions both in recruiting and in industry. Kate was always incredibly helpful and genuine. She always made it a priority to really understand what I was looking for and didn’t try pushing positions that I wasn’t interested in. ", Financial Services Firm , Senior Consultant

"Kate is one of the nicest and most personable professionals in the search business", VP of Business Development, Consultant , Tom Hodges

"...Even when Evolve was not working with a client I was interested in, they were able to provide insight into the company based on their deep industry knowledge and put me in touch with the right people. ", Telecommunications Industry , Finance Manager

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