"I had the pleasure of working with the team at Evolve in mid-2014. They were extremely professional. Whether they had 10 or 1,000 candidates, I felt like the most important.", Real Estate Development  , Seth, Controller

"I have worked with Kate over the past couple of years. I find her team to be very well connected, extremely professional and not your typical head-hunters.", Financial Services Firm , HR Business Partner

"Kate works with a top tier client base, is extremely well connected in the DC metro area, and her relationships allow her to find opportunities that are not advertised...", Global Investment Bank , Associate

"I have worked with a number of other recruiters in the past, and the level of preparation through Evolve was unmatched. – Real Estate Development Candidate", Real Estate Firm , Real Estate Development Manager

"Kate is one of the nicest and most personable professionals in the search business", VP of Business Development, Consultant , Tom Hodges

"...Working with Evolve has increased the amount of time we can spend with our clients by streamlining the hiring process, and the quality of the candidates has allowed us to hit the ground running, increasing our utilization and fueling our revenue growth... ", M&A Advisory Firm , Partner

"...Even when Evolve was not working with a client I was interested in, they were able to provide insight into the company based on their deep industry knowledge and put me in touch with the right people. ", Telecommunications Industry , Finance Manager

"I have worked with Kate in the past on a number of occasions both in recruiting and in industry. Kate was always incredibly helpful and genuine. She always made it a priority to really understand what I was looking for and didn’t try pushing positions that I wasn’t interested in. ", Financial Services Firm , Senior Consultant

"I have loved working with Evolve. My previous experience with recruiters has left me feeling like I’m working to get them networks, not that they’re working for me to get a job. Evolve is the complete opposite.", Not-for-profit Organization , Financial Analyst


We follow a four-step process to ensure we identify the best career for you, and our recruiters help coach you to ensure you are fully prepared for the interview and offer process.

“Career Evolution”

Meet & Explore Passion and Talents
The foundation of Evolve is based on relationships. Our recruiters get to know all of the candidates to ensure we are identifying their true passion and understanding the depth of their talents. We consistently work with top performers and believe every one of them have a unique strength that can add value to the right company to ensure mutual success.

Identify & Develop Key Assets
Evolve partners with candidates to build a relationship and to identify and develop their key assets – far beyond their basic skill set. Once identified and defined, we coach candidates to help them build and develop other skill sets that will help market them to potential employers and find the perfect fit.

Career Roadmap
Relationship developed, skills defined. Next? Career roadmap development to determine what steps need to be taken to get to the finish line. If the finish line is unknown, we help them build a roadmap for continuous learning while they search for their true passion.

With roadmap in hand, Evolve utilizes their client relationships and networks to evaluate potential opportunities. Many opportunities are exclusive to Evolve and can only be identified through our strong relationships. We take the work off the candidate’s plate and put it onto ours so they can continue to grow in their current position.

Opportunities that match our candidates’ passion, talents & interests are presented to them. Together we identify the opportunities that are the best for both the candidate and client. Our coaching includes:

  • Resume recommendations
  • Interview preparation & details
  • Follow-up assistance
  • Offer negotiations
  • Guidance on resigning with your current company.

Relationship Checks & Balances – Communication is key!
Throughout the entire process, Evolve is continuously checking in with our candidates and clients to make sure they are always up-to-date on status and that we are addressing any questions or concerns as quickly as possible. Interviewing can be stressful and we want our candidates to be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. A few of the many benefits of working with a recruiter is you have someone to rely on to get feedback, responses, answers and overall guidance.

Once an offer is accepted the process does not end.
We follow up with our candidates and make sure they are prepared for their first day and we continue to build our relationship throughout their career. We check in after they start, after a few months and so on – we want to make sure our candidates are happy and successful!

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